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Art & Design

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Association of Art Historians - Higher Education issues. This list serves as an e-Bulletin relating news and activities of the Association of Art Historians (

This list has been retained 22/07/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list – contact for all enquiries regarding this list Network for exchange of information between Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Art, Design & Media based subjects and the Art Design Media Subject Centre

This list is for announcements and discussion related to the activities of ADM-HEA, the Art, Design and Media Subject Centre of the Higher Education Academy. The Subject Centre promotes high quality in the learning and teaching of ADM in HE by enabling knowledge exchange, innovation and enterprise.

This list has been retained 13/05/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list – contact for all enquiries regarding this list The list will discuss current issues relating to Art and Design Administration eg the new admission system, the future of Foundation courses, accommodation restrictions for practical courses, technical support for courses and restrictions on funding.

A network of impact practitioners and professionals working in the Arts and Humanities

This list is used by those funded under any Design Research theme of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to make announcements and to discuss issues related to their design projects.

Announcements of interest to architectural historians in further and higher education and heritage bodies: calls for papers; conferences; lectures; publications; courses; funds; vacancies; organisations.

This list has been retained 02/07/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list This is the list of the Students & Trainees Committee of ARLIS/UK & Ireland: the Art Libraries Society.

This is the superlist for the art group of lists. A member of any other art list does not need to explicitly subscribe to this list because s/he will receive mail directed to it by virtue of her/his existing membership.

This list can be used to initiate discussions and post announcements about law and art, or, if you prefer, art and law. It could be used to put questions to the community of people interested in the intersection between art and law; to ask for suggestions, leads, or help; or to let people know about a relevant upcoming event, project, or academic program.

This mail list is for the Art Subject Focus Group which is a group comprising of art teachers in schools, arts organisations and University staff interested in the furtherance of collaborative arts projects and research. Members from all areas are welcome although meetings are usually held in the West Midlands.

This is the mailing list of the Art and Politics Specialist Group of the UK Political Studies Association and British International Studies Association.

A discussion and information sharing list for art and design librarians.

ARTNET will provide a forum for the discussion of ART that is concerned with: network; installation; project; communication; temporary; ad-hoc; transient; mobile; time-based; formless; de-centred. I call this PERIPATETIC art.

A superlist for distributing broad-based messages (such as conference announcements) to lists concerned with the provision of visual arts informationservices to UK Higher Education over SuperJANET. (E.g. ADAM, VADS, AHDS, CTI Art & Design, NVRCAD).

This list is used for the participants and presenters of the Artscapes: Urban Art and the Public conference to keep in touch and exchange research ideas.

The mailing list will be used by the BSA Sociology of the Arts Study Group, which brings together individuals interested in, and working with, creative industries, artists, designers, curators or those in other artistic fields. The list will be used to encourage academic discussion, to advertise events, and to facilitate collaborations between academics, practitioners and enterprise.

This mailing list is to support activities for the British Universities in South Korea Arts group. It is to help support collaborative activities in South Korea for this consortium of universities who specialise in Art.

This is an open discussion list on the role of Computers in Art & Design Education (CADE). A forum for the leading developments around the teaching of creative practices and the role of computer and communications technologies in traditional fields of art & design, the new media & performing arts.

CEPHAD aims at stimulating the flow of ideas between research in philosophy and research in design

CIBEA is an educationally focussed association which intends to be: -an expert hub for creative thinking related to business -bring creativity and business closer together -be a common voice for postgraduate research and teaching -define and contribute to the development of skills -provide a focal point to develop and disseminate research into creativity in business and the business of creativity & Sharing expertise and knowledge

The Circus Research Network (Britain and Ireldand)exists to promote and facilitate research relationships between circus practitioners and researchers.

This is a group for the multidisciplinary study and discussion of colour. It includes linguists, psychologists, geographers, opthamologists and more. The Group is open to anyone with an interest in colour, but it is intended to be an academic and research forum.

This list is to help participants in the research cluster 'understanding complex structures (etc.)' communicate between the three cluster workshops - to share news and ideas for further collaborations.

This list has been retained 21/07/2016 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list- contact for all enquiries regarding this list The project aims to explore how complexity theory and its methodological approaches can help in providing a better understanding of the creative economy as a field of research by connecting various distinctive approaches. The aim is to outline a broader framework that bridges the interrelation of ideas, people and practices in the creative economy with the broader socio, cultural and economic contexts.

This list will be used by conservators to consider spiritual and ethical considerations when conserving diverse cultural artefacts buildings and interiors

Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage ( promotes research, development and application of non-contact optical measurement techniques (spectral and spatial) adapted to the needs of heritage documentation. COSCH is supported by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) from 2012 to 2016.

Mailing list for discussing matters related to a proposed Creative Robotics Research Network - robotics, mechatronics and animatronics in the creative industries.

CM explores the construction, manipulation and transmission of memories. CM explores the role played by memory in identity formation. CM explores minority communities, especially work in post-colonial studies. Material studied includes film, literature, art, oral history, anthropology.

Cultural Policy Observatory Ireland: an all island research network is aimed at growing, connecting and profiling academic research relating to cultural policy across the island of Ireland. It is a collective venture which will be of interest to those whose work explores the value, impact and functions of arts and cultural policies (both implicit and explicit) on the island of Ireland.

The members of this list share information on and discuss issues related to international cultural relations across disciplines. Keywords include (but are not limited to): cultural relations/dialogue, arts/cultural policy, diplomacy, foreign policy, national identity, cultural/linguistic diversity, globalization, power, hegemony.

This list has been retained 28/04/2016. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. contact for all enquiries regarding this list The Death, Commemoration and Memory (DCM) Research Group is based within the School of Arts, Culture and Environment at the University of Edinburgh. Founded in 2008, it provides a forum for postgraduates and staff whose research engages with any aspect of the Groups remit, attracting junior and senior scholars from a variety of academic disciplines. This list has been established to disseminate information on the group and provide a platform for discussion among the group's members.

DEED represents Departments, Schools, Faculties and Courses offering advanced level design education, including post-graduate studies and research in a variety of design areas. DEED recognises the increasing significance of interdisciplinary practice in all areas of design with the advent of the new information technologies, multimedia and computer-based design. In tandem with the increasingly multidisciplinary nature of design education with the growth of modularity, hybrid design disciplines and research. DEED supports its members and the broader academic community through a variety of activities including annual conferences, seminars, workshops, papers, and representation to the media, Government and other interested organisations.

This list has been retained 06/12/2013 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list DEFSA seeks to develop design education in Africa. The UK can play a significant role by facilitating and contributing to an international dialogue, news and conference announcements via a jiscmail list.

A list for discussing issues around design fiction research and practice.

This list has been retained 29/09/2015 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list– contact for all enquiries regarding this list The Design Research Alliance aims to support academic research across a broad range of design disciplines. It builds on the activities of world-leading centres of excellence and provides a range of collaborative activities to celebrate, highlight and promote #meaningful academic design research. The list will support development and delivery of these activities, and the dissemination of information and resources to a growing membership.

Forum for the development of communication networks between digital practitioners within the East Midlands.

This list provides a communication resource for those who are interested in the art, design, research and technologies associated with textiles. Examples include digital textile design and printing, 3D textiles, smart textiles and wearables, digitally enabled interior fabrics, etc.

This discussion list is used by the Art and Design research community in and beyond DJCAD, University of Dundee.

The list is a closed and moderated list for artists, lecturers, developers and administrators interested in the development of interactive learning materials for drawing by the TLTP3 project: Drawing and Learning, and wishing to contribute to discussions of related issues.

The drawing-research mailing list is used to support communication between academics, researchers and drawing practitioners regarding the establishment and development of a UK drawing research network. It is associated with Drawing Power, the UK campaign for drawing.

This list has been retained 24/09/2015 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list– contact for all enquiries regarding this list DT2, The Centre for Design & Technology Education at Sheffield Hallam University is the Regional Support Centre for the South Yorkshire area. Our key aims are to; Identify the needs of local teachers, Offer training opportunities for beginners and experienced teachers of electronics, Enable teachers to gain ECT accreditation and Provide support to teachers and schools offering electronics in the design & technology curriculum.

This list is used by members of the AHRC Early Modern Dress & Textiles Research Network to make announcements, raise discussion and disseminate information relating to the Network projects and themes

enquire is a space within which diverse forms of art & design research practice and documentation are explored. Where 'knowledge', in its many different forms, is examined, and where methodologies from various disciplines are compared. It is where new forms of knowledge production and consumption are considered, and where the existing categories, abstractions and concepts that define knowledge and enquiry are challenged, and alternatives put forward.

EVA London conference - Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. This list is for announcements and discussion among conference delegates.

EVA London conference - Electronic Visualisation and the Arts. This list is for committee correspondence about the organisation of the conference.

This list provides a communication channel between those with an interest in the arts and sport coming together. Its purpose is to disseminate news and foster debate.

This list has been retained 14/08/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list To discuss and convene flashmob and related place-specific performative activities to inform performance research.

This list is used by the International Food Design Society to make announcements about conference calls and to stimulate the research community to share knowledge and create a network of people interested in the emerging Food Design discipline.

The University of Abertay' s Hannah Maclure Centre works with contemporary and interdisciplinary cultural producers and artists from the UK and abroad, as well as supporting teaching activity and developing opportunities with staff and students.

The list aims to connect researchers and activities on the role of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) within the creative economy and to establish a network of collaborations around this theme.

A list for delegates to the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Technical Committee 13 (Human-Computer Interaction)

IFS exists to provoke debate on the future direction and current challenges affecting the creative industries, to support excellence across interior research & practice, and seeks to embed these into the learning experience of ug's and pg's. It acts as a regional authority on, and advocate for, Interior Design/Interior Architecture education, research, practice and collaboration.

This list has been established to create new and reinforce established networks for disseminating information about events, conferences and publications related to Illustration Research.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1990, ISEA International (formerly Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts) is an international non-profit organisation fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organisations and individuals working with art, science and technology. The main activity of ISEA International is the annual International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA).

The KT-EQUAL programme has been established to take forward into implementation the combined achievements of EQUAL and SPARC to influence decisions in design, planning and policy in all areas relating to the ageing population in the early 21st century. With the increasing proportion of older people in the population, there is growing urgency for evidence and knowledge to inform decisions and solutions to enable older #people, for example, to maintain their independence, to continue to be active in the workplace for as long as they choose and to benefit from emerging technologies. Meeting these and other challenges will be the focus of the proposed KT EQUAL consortium which brings together experts in engineering, construction, architecture, participatory and inclusive design, rehabilitation, psychology, change management and public engagement to work collaboratively with each other and with older people to promote knowledge transfer in innovative and effective ways.

This list has been retained 13/05/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list KTP Associates network working with the knowledge bases of Anglia Ruskin, Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Cranfield, East Anglia, Essex, Hertfordshire and Open Universities plus Norwich School of Art & Design, Writtle College and The Building Research Establishment.

This list has been retained 22/05/2015. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. contact for all enquiries regarding this list This is a discussion list on the artist John Latham, his theory on event structures and flat time, but mainly on his archive which is being catalogued and digitised.

The list exists to provide a forum for discussion of educational issues in Materials and related disciplines, and to support those interested in Materials Education by encouraging the sharing of expertise and experience. The list is administered and supported by the UK Centre for Materials Education.

Bring together postgraduate students in Media, Communication, Film and Cultural Studies to form research, and teaching and learning networks and also ensure peer support.

This list is used by its members to announce and discuss theory, research, critical discourse, publications, conferences, networking and curatorial approaches in the field of screen based dance, including single screen cinema or television works, installation and net based work.

This list aims to discuss problems surrounding the assessment of group working in media production, especially where students work collaboratively on projects or artefacts.

This list is used for the collaboration and the sharing of good practice in the teaching, learning and assessment of art and design subjects, in the MEG (mixed economy group) colleges.

The National Association for Fine Art Education (NAFAE) NAFAE is the subject association for Fine Art teaching professionals. NAFAE aims to provide an open forum for debate within this teaching sector. #NAFAE organises research and dissemination opportunities for members.

For those involved in curating, exhibiting, archiving or interpreting new media art (including, interactive installations, digital video etc.) The list of the CRUMB web site

This list has been retained 17/02/2016 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list– contact for all enquiries regarding this list Sharing knowledge on the new frontiers of professional development in the management of arts and cultural organisations and institutions and the new modes of engagement that might enhance their role in our society

The starting membership of this list is participants in the Open Source Housing Crisis Workshop at Central Saint Martins on 13 March 2015 but anyone with an interest is welcome to join the discussion.

This list has been retained 17/02/2016 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list– contact for all enquiries regarding this list The Performance Art Network list intends to: aid strategic communication both within and beyond the contemporary performance art network encourage practical application of the methodologies of performance art within the context of network

This is a Special Interest Group around Creative Engagement and Consultation. The list aims at exploring how design universities and local governments can work together to carry out local engagement in more creative and possibly more inclusive ways by using participatory design approach; and fostering opportunities for collaboration between local government and higher education design institutions. The list is specially aimed at local government officers and design academics interested or active in new opportunities for collaborative learning and societal impact join the mailing list now and do not miss the opportunity for further collaboration.

This list has been retained 14/03/2016 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list– contact for all enquiries regarding this list Initially set up for students following the BA (Hons) Documentary & Fine Art Photography course at Stockport College, this list is open to anyone studying photography at degree level. The list will invite students to make comments on technical, conceptual or contextual issues & debates relating to the medium of photography.

Discussion list linked to the research network and seminars held at the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, London, and the University of Kent: Photography: Theory, Practice, Debate.

Information and research relating to Photography in the HE sector. The list is administered by The Centre for Photographic Research at The University of Wales College, Newport.

This list service is used to support dialogue, networking and collaboration between practice-as-research postgraduate students and early career researchers across the Arts and Humanities in Scotland.

This is an open discussion for discussing matters relating to the practice of research and teaching in any field of Printmaking including both old and new technologies. It will also provide information on workshops, seminars and conferences, and on new research in this area.

This list has been retained 07/08/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list Email list for members of the editorial collective (not board) of the journal Radical Musicology

This list was started as an outcome of the conference 'Re-inventing design education in the University' in Perth 11-13th December 2000. The views and exchanges at the conference were stimulating and it is hoped that such discussion will be continued on this list.

This list promotes discussion of practice as research in music.

This list will bring together the Greater Manchester community working in and around art and science collaborations. While predominantly interested in helping the university sector produce more collaboration and more work, we want to reach out to artists and the wider science sector to share opportunities, ideas, and events. If you are interested in art and science - broadly understood - then this is for you! This includes bioart, nanoart, media art, and all areas of scientific research, including the social sciences, arts and humanities. Regardless of your discipline, if you are interested in bringing art and science closer together, then please subscribe.

This is a research community for science communication, public engagement, and resarch impact activity in Greater Manchester. It's a place to share, collaborate, and connect.

This list has been retained 11/05/2015 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list This list provides a forum for researchers and managers of Scottish Textile museum and archive collections to share expertise and best practice.

This list supports the work of the SDN by providing a discussion forum for people with interests in sustainable design.

This mailing list is run by Hedley Roberts, for Staff, Students, Alumni and Associates of the School of Architecture and the Visual Arts to share of information about upcoming events, openings and opportunities.

This list distributes news and announcements related to Tangible Interaction. It supports interdisciplinary and international collaboration and discussion in this area of research and teaching.

This group has been made to develop research into where and how Technical staff are involved in Learning and Teaching. It will discuss and develop 'best practice' encouraging a collaborative approach between academic and technical staff to deliver the best possible learning experience.

Following an inaugural international conference the delegates agreed to keep in touch, provide support and share ideas in research, education and practice.

A hands-on making and meeting event exploring the edges of technology on the wild edge of Scotland. It enables attendees to have a 'technological retreat', away from the pressures of their host institution, and also engage with the technology and design challenges of an isolated community.

This list circulates information regarding scholarly activity around comics, manga and graphic novels across a number of disciplines and institutions in the UK.

This list has been retained 23/04/2015 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list – contact for all enquiries regarding this list < Unencoded > - a discussion forum for exploring the creative use of new media. Online projects and discussion information will largely relate to the North West UK but may be of interest to a wider audience. See also

The Walking Artists Network seeks to connect those who define themselves as walking artists, or who are interested in walking as a mode of art practice through a series of meetings and an online interface. We hope to share examples of our walking practices, and the practices that inspire; to ask how we might define walking art as a medium, and whether attempting a definition is a fruitful method for generating discussion and debate; to explore the multi-disciplinary routes to walking as an art practice. This list is for all who define themselves as walking artists, or who are interested in walking as a mode of art practice.

The need for this list was established at the last WDHE conference. It is aimed at lecturers in art & design who support/develop/research student writing. There are particular issues around the interface between the visual and the written.


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